Enabling the next generation of energy players

A proven industry-leading data, analytics and artificial intelligence platform.

Faster data powering better real-time procurement, demand management and dynamic pricing decisions.

Real-time understanding of complex supply chains to deliver better risk and cost management.

Easy interfacing and integration with your business applications (CRM, Billing, Trading system…).

Cloud-based, flexible, modular, easily deployed solution.

Built for the future of smart energy ecosystems

Rapid increase in demand data sources and data to process in real-time - smart industry, smart homes, smart meters, smart appliances ?

Access, explore and manipulate all of your data assets through a single agile framework.

Increased complexity in electricity supply with more intermittent and distributed renewable energy sources ?

Integrate, forecast and aggregate complex load profiles into your asset portfolio.

New electricity consumption patterns via smart, connected devices including electric vehicles ?

Risk manage time-of-use tariffs and tap into new supply flexibility at smaller scales, beyond wholesale market.

Towards a more demand-led grid, with combined distribution and supply aggregation capabilities ?

Monitor and execute your trading balancing actions; buy energy at the right time in the right quantity to fulfil your customer demand.

Why Noos ?
Deep expertise of the energy supply chain
Why Noos ?
Extensive experience in analytics, risk and trading solutions
Why Noos ?
Used at some of the world’s most innovative electricity suppliers

Noos' advantages

Speed & cost

Managing your own cloud service, integrating new technology and maintaining systems is hard and expensive.
Our managed cloud platform as a service makes it faster, cheaper and hassle-free. Start immediately to improve your in-house business processes with one of the best data platforms on the market rather than reinventing the wheel.

Team collaboration

Deliver a best-in-class experience that you will learn to love. Exchange information more easily, break silos and innovate faster.


Get instant infinite computation power to tackle your biggest problem at the lowest cost.
Grow the whole Noos platform in time to accommodate your new business needs.

Data ownership

Data is your strategic asset and we take privacy and security seriously. Your data remains in your dedicated secure cloud storage environment. We will help set up your cloud account if you don’t already have one.

Change management

Implement in parallel to your existing infrastructure for a no-regret setup. Easily connect to your existing datasets.
Start small to discover the multiple use cases and easily expand to accelerate. We can help make the transition phase shorter and smoother.

Our technology :